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~ Oddities

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-05-19 20:51:15

~ Oddities

Any reason why a file with ~3 playing inside an MPL doesn't overlap using the file's ~ ?

If the MPL has ~0 it'll play right to the end, if it has nothing, it using the global overlap (5s).

I can't think why this is happening, and always assumed that the filename playing will have the first pick of the overlaps... ?!

PS: It's v3.6

Wolfgang Loch

2004-05-19 21:04:53

Re: ~ Oddities

Songs within mini-playlists overlap according to the setting in "overlap sounds in mini-playlists by". This setting can be overriden by the tilde specification on the file name.

However, both setting have no effects on the last item in a mini-playlist. Because the mini-playlist is just another item in the master playlist, the setting "overlap tracks by" takes effect unless overriden by the tilde specification of the mini-playlist file.

The setting "overlap tracks by" or the tilde on the mini-playlist file have no effect on the last item within the master playlist, because at the end there is nothing to overlap with.


2004-05-20 11:00:14

Re: ~ Oddities

Thanks for the explanation.

We are using a SHUFFLE.EXE that runs in the Event Scheduler. It generates a file called SWEEPER~0.MPL from a folder of Jingles, all have their own ~ markers, most of which differ from ~1 to ~4 !

So in short, I'll have to manually schedule specific Jingles for them to overlap according to their ~ values ?!

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