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Another Suggestion for Raduga V4

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Peter Hines - 2MCR 100.3FM

2004-05-25 12:58:41

Another Suggestion for Raduga V4

Hello Wolfgang,
I think that maybe in Raduga V4 the log option be more flexiable.

Instead of just writing one log for every day.

I think it would be better having some options
Like choosing various logging lengths over a 24 hour period. Some stations might like a log for every 3hours over day so raduga would write 8 3hour logs for one 24hr period.
It would only need 6 options,
The current one plus
2hour, 3 hour, 4hour, 6hour, two 12hr logs.
even better would be to allow stations to customise the logs themselfs in the same way as scheduled events. This would only be need in the
Universal Radio edition.

This flexibilty would make this easier if a station recieved a complaint about a song that went to air they could just goto the log for that period say between 3 and 6pm and it would be much easier to sought through.

If I think of anymore ideas i'll post them here



2004-06-09 19:52:47

Another Suggestion for Raduga v3.8+

Another feature Suggestion for Raduga v3.8+

It would be nice if the log-file contained the length that the songs are played.

21:00:00 3:31 start Artist-Titel
21:03:31 2:30 start Artist-Titel

It would be much easier to write the report, if the log were written like this.

Regards Michael


2004-07-11 15:02:46

Re: Another Suggestion for Raduga V4

A Linux distribution ;)

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