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Playing a song... hear nothing?

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-06-18 19:58:55

Playing a song... hear nothing?

Hi, when i play a albumlist of mp3 numbers (320 kb mpr CBR), some files plays great and then... the next song start and ... we hear nothing at all. Raduga plays the song. After sometime Raduga plays the next song... normal. The 'silent songs' plays well in mediaplayer and bmpstudio.
XP machine (english OS) with Raduga 3.5, Soundforge, Adobe Audition, BpmStudio4.7 and a RME DIGI 96 souncard.
It's verry strange. Restarting Raduga and the same list works fine and all the mp3's plays normal. Someone an idea?
Maybe i purchase the version 3.8 but i will be first sure for 100% Raduga works fine without my present in the studio. My other choice : Jazzler or Radiohost... but Raduga is cheaper if it works. 8-) Bah mijn Nederlands is beter

Wolfgang Loch

2004-06-22 19:39:10

Re: Playing a song... hear nothing?

Please check if these files play correctly with Windows Media Player. If Media Player cannott play them, Raduga also can't. You may have to re-encode the files. You can also try the .WMA format for better compatibility and sound quality.

If you have a sound file that plays with Media Player but not with Raduga, please contact me personally or send a sample file to wolo@wolosoft.com.


2004-06-23 18:17:15

Re: Playing a song... hear nothing?

Indeed Wolfgang, i re-encode all the mp3's with the Fraunhoffer encoder and that was the problem. Rare was that Raduga didn't play the song and WinMediaPlayer dit it right well (bpmstudio also).
I've mentioned that there were joint-stereo files between the mp3's. Maybe these cause the problem.

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