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raduga & Waves plugin

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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g bianchi

2004-07-18 17:57:26

raduga & Waves plugin

If in Raduga Options - plug-ins I select Properties of L2 or any other plugin by Waves the program shut down. Do You know some tournaround to use Waves plugins?

Wolfgang Loch

2004-07-18 21:37:11

Re: raduga & Waves plugin

I recommend you to try the Raduga AGC plug-in. It works very stable and provides good results. Get the dem version from here:

Anyway I'm also going to contact Waves Ltd. Maybe they can change something to make their plug-ins compatible with Raduga.

g bianchi

2004-07-19 06:28:11

Re: raduga & Waves plugin

I have tried it but L2 by Waves is unsurpassable with classic music!

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