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files skipping

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Ron van Meijer

2001-12-13 03:53:12

files skipping

Does someone recognize this?
Sometimes a file plays for 2 seconds and skips to the next song.
When a double click on the skipped song, it plays properly.

Configuration: Raduga 3.1, WindowsXP Professional, 768 Mb of
memory, SoundBlaster PCI128 soundcard and about 3.200
mp3-songs witch are scheduled with Playlister.

I hope the solution is near.

Marry Christmas and a happy n€w y€ar.

Andreas Kannenberg

2001-12-30 12:58:11

Re: files skipping

Have noticed the same problem on a win 2000 system, with yamaha waveforce soundcard. So i thing it´s a raduga software problem!

R.A.van Meijer

2001-12-31 00:50:22

Re: files skipping

No no, absolutely not, Raduga uses Windows Media Player.

Try to play some files on the Windows Media Player(not in Raduga),
and you find out, you've got the same 'problem'.(maybe after 5-10
songs or more).

It's the driver of your soundcard, who's not been updated.

Now i am running Raduga in the Windows98/Me comptability
modus, and it's working very good.

In Windows2000 you can change the hardware acceleration of your
soundcard, when done, it's working perfect.


Jerome Petit

2001-12-31 10:05:19

Re: files skipping

I have the same problem with most songs downloaded from the internet.
It's a problem of encoding. The mp3 file is corrupted.
Raduga only plays perfect MP3s.

Use MP3trim.exe without trimming any second, and the file should work fine.


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