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Rotations with 3.5

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Chuck Conrad

2001-12-17 16:45:25

Rotations with 3.5

I'm trying to use two rotations back to back. The first rotation is a group of "Merry Christmas" jingles, which I would like to follow with a selection from my Christmas Music Library.

In the Event Scheduler I've set the Jingle rotation to play every ten minutes at _:10:00, _:20:00, etc. with the music set to play at _:10:05, _:20:05, etc. Seems simple.

Both events play, but the jingle always follows the song, even though it is scheduled to play first. It sounds OK, but I'd really like the jingle to intro the song. I'm going nuts trying to figure out what I've done wrong. Any suggestions?


Wolfgang Loch

2001-12-19 14:38:08

Re: Rotations with 3.5

You could try to place the song directly after the jingle with the same start time or one second difference, for example:

_:10:00 - XMasJinge.rotation
_:10:00 - XMasMusic.rotation

But I would prefer to have both items in the regular master playlist, like this:

Some Song.mp3
Another song.mp3

Chuck Conrad

2001-12-22 08:51:19

Re: Rotations with 3.5

Your suggestions worked. It seems that it is important that all rotations are listed on the schedule in the actual order you desire them to play. Just having them listed in random order but with the correct start times seems to produce unpredictable sequences when Raduga actually plays these files.

Just my observation. Your milage may vary...

Jerome Petit

2001-12-31 10:11:23

Re: Rotations with 3.5

I think it is a real bug that should be corrected. It is not logical that two events programmed one at _:00:00 and the next at _:00:01 be played second then first.

It's always the case with a jingle and a longer song after it.

By the way, I forgot to ask in an earlier message : Could you please make miniplaylists appear in the broadcast log ? Commercials need to be logged and mini playlists are perfect for commercials.

Thanks !

Wolfgang Loch

2002-01-01 12:02:10

Re: Rotations with 3.5

You are right, it is not very logical that the sequence of scheduled events can be reversed if they don't appear in the correct order in the list. I will try to fix that in a future version.

In the future it is also planned that mini-playlists can be logged. If you need this feature urgently, I could write an add-in for that (at additional cost).

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