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Remote Control

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Raduga User

2004-09-03 22:39:21

Remote Control

There is a file in the Raduga 3.8.5 folder called "joystick.dll". Does this mean that Raduga has built-in capability for remote control via the joystick buttons? If so, where can the details be found? (eg wiring & assigning hotkey)

Charlie @ MicsLive.com

2004-09-04 11:12:22

Re: Remote Control

You'll find the details in the Raduga DOC manual.
On my website you'll find a wiring diagram:

This is for another playout system, but the componants are needed for Windows to "see" a joystick. Buttons1,2,3,4 control Start/Stop/Break/Next respectively.

If you have access to a soldering iron and the resistors, you can make it all in the 15way plug. Then add a 2way, 4button joystick in Gaming Options (under Control Panel). Click properties to test the buttons...and you're away.

Hope that helps.

Charlie @ Micslive.com

Raduga User

2004-09-06 12:59:36

Re: Remote Control

The Raduga DOC manual only mentions START/STOP functions. Moreover, it says to connect 10k resistors between pins 3 & 8 and 6 & 8. Your diagram shows 47k resistors between 3 & 1 and 6 & 1. Which is correct?

Thanks for your help

Peter Hines

2004-09-07 09:41:17

Re: Remote Control

I can confirm that this remote works.

DO NOT connect 10K resistors between pins 3 & 8 and 6 & 8 follow the diagram and use 47k resistors this works as matter of fact our techo here got raduga to remote four functions
Start, Stop, Break and Next.
I'm just waiting for him to report back with how to wire it up so keep an eye on this thread

Charlie @ MicsLive.com

2004-09-07 10:14:39

Re: Remote Control

My remote works, because I have it running at this very moment. Pin's 1 + 8 are +5v pins, so it wouldn't really matter which ones you used, aslong as the Joystick 1+2 pins got some voltage (via a resistor) - This enables Windows to "see" a joystick.

If you have normal closing contacts on your mixer (momentary), it'll work fine.

Pete Chapman

2004-10-06 18:05:00

Re: Remote Control

Can we please have somemore feed back on this... I like the sound of the 4 function control, with


I think this sounds very useful indeed.

can anyone send me info direct???



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