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Length Time

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Paulo Ricardo

2004-09-23 13:32:06

Length Time

It would be nice if the Master playlist contained the length that the songs are played.
Sometimes put the clock time in the box too.
Is it possible to introduce this option??
Other competitive ones use this option.

21:00:00 3:31 start Artist-A
21:03:31 2:30 start Artist-B
Best Regards
Paulo Ricardo from Brazil

Wolfgang Loch

2004-09-23 16:01:20

Re: Length Time

A playlist column "duration" is planned for the next Raduga version.

Displaying the absolute time is not possible, because the duration some events cannot be determined in advance, for example for random tracks or rotations. Furthermore the playlist may be interrupted by scheduled events.

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