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Problem with playlists

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-09-27 23:16:35

Problem with playlists

Hello everybody! I have a problem creating playlists with Airlist. When I create an hourly rotation, which includes categories and spot groups, in the final 24 hourly playlist the hours are not set correctly, for example: Every Hour I want to play spacific jingle for that hour, however, when the playlist is created, the jingle for the first hour played correctly, but the next jingles for example for 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 etc don't start at the appropriate time. Is there any way to correct this?



2004-09-27 23:18:36

Re: Problem with playlists

I forgot to tell that in the advanced options Time checking is turned on.


2004-09-28 04:16:02

Re: Problem with playlists

Hi DJ,

You need to create <1 Hour> playlists,
Airlist: "Playlist Options" - "Seperate Playlists for each", select: "Hour").

Check "Include Hour Markers", in "Marker String", type something like "DJ Georgie Playlist" and let "Break Notes" empty.

In "Advance Options", select "Enable Time Checking" and set the value to "0", this is to make sure the total length is >= 60 minutes.

Download the "AutoPlaylist" Add-in at:


Call the script every top of the hour in Radugas event-manager, use "Run Immediatly" for your timed jingle or News.

Have a look at the "Readme.txt" for details, but ignore the "Do NOT use Hour Marker", this was for an older script, gonna correct the readme.txt in a future release.

I use this system for over 2 months now and it works absolutly great, perfect clocks for every hour.

Greetz - Volker


2004-09-28 12:11:39

Re: Problem with playlists

little correction,

launch your timed jingle with Radugas event manager exacly on top of the hour and right behind in cue the "AutoPlaylist" script and it should work fine.


2004-09-28 18:52:15

Re: Problem with playlists

Thank's Volker! Thank's, thank's, thank's :) :) :).


2004-09-28 22:50:17

Re: Problem with playlists

I'm pleased it workes DJ, just post here or send me a mail for any questions or ideas :-))

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