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Relay Closures

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Alan in DC

2004-09-28 20:10:12

Relay Closures

I know various aspects of Raduga may be controlled thru the Game Port/Joystick connector. Is there a way Raduga can initiate a relay closure outside of the PC via the same Game port or Serial port?
This would be useful for external control of other devices, such as timed transmitter on/off control and power reduction at sunset.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-09-28 21:03:10

Re: Relay Closures

No, Raduga has no build-in support for output devices. However, it can execute programs or scripts on schedule. Therefore, if you have a command-line program or script that triggers a closure, you can schedule this program at a certain time or playlist position.

Alan in DC

2004-10-13 18:26:20

Re: Relay Closures

Okay, to that end, does anyone stopping here know of a quickie two- or three-line script that will cause a closure (+5V) to appear at one or more pins of the series or parallel port for one second? My entire amassed knowledge of programming - condensed into one unit - couldn't constipate a mouse.

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