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UPS Supply

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Pete Chapman

2004-09-30 15:45:14

UPS Supply

Hey does any one know a good UPS supply, to run a computer when power is lost???



Chuck Conrad

2004-10-01 15:26:15

Re: UPS Supply

We run our entire LPFM station on two Cyberpower AVR-1500 supplies. They are 19" rack mount, which makes for a nice installation. One UPS runs the control room which has three computers, a console and a rack of equipment. The other runs our 150 watt transmitter and processing equipment. They will keep us on the air for roughly 30 minutes which is more than ample time to get our generator on line. I think they were about $280.00 each at Best Buy about a year ago. Previously, we had some smaller & cheaper UPS systems. Since installing these, they have saved us a lot of grief.

During a power outage we are still on the air when most full power stations in our area are dark.


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