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Silence detector version 3.1

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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R.A.van Meijer

2001-12-31 00:53:08

Silence detector version 3.1

Can someone tell me if the Silence detector is working in version
I had a song that was 'empty' (4 minutes of silence) and my system
didn't go to the next song.
How can i use the silencedetector?


Happy N€W Y€AR

Wolfgang Loch

2002-01-01 11:51:57

Re: Silence detector version 3.1

The silence detector has _nothing_ to do with the actual volume. Instead it just monitors the progress of the current track. It jumps into action when progress slider does not move for a specified period of time. Such problems may occur when you play sound files from a slow LAN network.

Jeffrey Pascoe

2013-01-11 18:10:38

Re: Silence detector version 3.1

Finally I see why our "Silence Detector" doesn't work - it isn't one!

It sure would be nice to have what Ron and I thought this was - a control that would advance to the next song when a file plays but fails to generate sound (which happens fairly often).



2013-01-11 18:13:26

Re: Silence detector version 3.1

omg after 11 years :)

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