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Posted on: Raduga (English)

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John Giannotti

2004-10-07 01:31:08


I Have been using The newest basic Raduga. I the overlap worked for about 2 weeks and just stopped working. What could be wrong. I have been using an older version on another computer same song files. I am a moble DJ and need to use this program on Oct. 9.

Truly John

Wolfgang Loch

2004-10-07 06:51:29

Re: overlap

Please check if this FAQ article helps

John Giannotti

2004-10-07 22:33:23

Re: overlap

Hey Wolfgang could this have been woking and then just stop? I have xp on my computer and have been playing the same tunes for years with an older version of Raduga on anoth er computer and it has worked great for years now I install a newer version on another computer sames song files with XP and the fader worked about a week now stops.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-10-08 07:12:02

Re: overlap

A computer program does not stop working suddenly after a week. The most likely reason why it does not work for you any longer is that another software, update, patch, service pack or something has been installed during that time. Probably it has replaced the MP3 codec on this machine.

The DSPlay tool mentioned in above FAQ article helps to detect which codecs are currently used.

Unfortunately I can't further analyse this problem in detail on this discussion board. Please send the results of DSPlay to my e-mail address wolo@wolosoft.com.

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