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Ideas for Raduga 4.0

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Jerome Petit

2001-12-31 10:00:27

Ideas for Raduga 4.0

In Europe, we use RDS a lot, and it would be fabulous if Raduga could send the title of the song for display to the RDS coder.
Also it would be nice that the default on-screen message be the station name. (i.e. "Europe2") so that whenever no song is played or when jingles or commercials, the song title could be replaced by the station name. Jingles and commercials could be named using an underscope like this : _cocacola1. When raduga reads the underscope, it will send the station's name to the RDS coder instead of the name of the ad... (or "to adverstize call 01 71 22 22 34...")

Also I would appreciate if you could find a way to see in advance at what time a song will be played. If it's 10:14am and Madonna is playing, then all other songs in the playlist should appear with the expected air-time next to it. It would be easier in order to know the number of tracks yet to be played in a given hour...

Thanks !!!


Wolfgang Loch

2002-01-01 11:24:13


Using the Raduga SDK (included in the Professional Edition), it should be fairly easy to integrate Raduga with any programmable RDS encoder. The SDK comes with an example add-in that writes the current track name to a HTML file. You could change this example so that it sends the song name to the RDS instead. Since I don't have an RDS encoder, I can't make such an add-in myself.

Chuck Conrad

2002-01-01 16:37:43

Re: Ideas for Raduga 4.0

Something that would be pretty helpful is to have a way to customize the skin, so the station's name or call letters would show up on it. I plan to purchase a VGA to NTSC video converter to provide a video feed that shows what's playing. I intend to run it along with the station's audio on a master TV antenna system. Currently, I'm running the audio on an unused channel, and it would be nice (even entertaining) to watch Raduga do its job. I know the picture won't be awesome, but most of the important information on the screen is large enough to be viewable on a conventional TV.

Wolfgang Loch

2002-01-02 07:54:24

Re: Raduga Skins

Actually, you can create skins using the Raduga SDK. A very simple example is already included. Here is a screenshot: http://www.wolosoft.com/files/SimpleControl.gif

Maybe somebody wants to provide a more creative one? It is a simple as building a HTML page...

Chuck Conrad

2002-01-02 19:41:45

Re: Ideas for Raduga 4.0

Doesn't SDK cost another $350 more than the full blown 3.5 version?

That's quite a bit of expense just to get your station's call letters on the screen. Some other programs do it on their screens as a standard utility.

Wolfgang Loch

2002-01-03 01:22:59

Re: Ideas for Raduga 4.0

The SDK does not even display your station name on the screen. You still have to program that yourself. I have to take some extra money for the SDK, because I'm not able to provide developer support for all Raduga users. If you promise not to ask questions about it, you may get it for free.

Chuck Conrad

2002-01-03 21:33:35

Re: Ideas for Raduga 4.0

I promise not to ask questions about it!



2002-01-11 21:43:54

Re: Ideas for Raduga 4.0


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