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Problem with codecs and Raduga

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-10-12 22:23:33

Problem with codecs and Raduga

Hello! I use Raduga 3.8 and Nimo Full Codec Pack and WMP 10 installed on Win XP platform. And when I start Raduga most of the songs in the master playlist don't play correctly, there are some background noise and cracking on it, for example when I play the songs with other player or Sound Editor everything is ok. Any suggestions?


2004-10-13 00:37:51

Re: Problem with codecs and Raduga


Wolfgang Loch

2004-10-13 07:05:36

Re: Problem with codecs and Raduga

To verify that Raduga works correctly, install it on a clean Windows XP system that is not messed up with any codec packs.

I may be able to help you getting it to work even with codec packs installed. But I can't do this on this forum. Please write to support@wolosoft.com and include your Raduga license number.


2004-10-13 18:12:29

Re: Problem with codecs and Raduga

Hello again! thank's, first, I'll try to install it on a Win XP system without any codec packs installed. Maybe this will fics this problem.


2004-11-09 14:42:17

Re: Problem with codecs and Raduga

Yes nimopack codec has some ac3.dll file whose causing the problem. So even you uninstal nimopack this litlle thing is still in system32 folder. So you have to remove manually.(the full name of this .dll file you can find when raduga crash in error report)

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