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bug in version 3.5 ?

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Jerome Petit

2002-01-01 05:01:22

bug in version 3.5 ?

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but raduga 3.5 demo keeps bugging. (fatal error, kernel32.dll...)

Moreover the sound is really distorted. On the same machine version 3.1 works superbly.
Why do directx plug-ins and their settings are not saved when exiting?

Finally, I read over and over the help file about Live 365, but only the first track's name played in raduga is sent to live365 software, when I try to "broadcast", it says that the sound card is busy, and the whole thing stops.


Wolfgang Loch

2002-01-01 11:37:29

Re: bug in version 3.5 ?

Please provide a detailed description about any error, including steps to reproduce it using the bug report form. You can send log files, playlists, event lists or anything that could help reproducing the bug to my e-mail address.

The settings of DirectX plug-ins, scheduler and all other options are not saved in the demo version. The full version will saved them and restore them on startup.

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