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Mini Playlist event

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Josh Burke

2004-11-03 17:35:08

Mini Playlist event

OK ... I've got a problem ... :)

Can I schedule a mini-playlist as an event.

Here's what I need... I run music, w/ads etc 6 days a week. On Sundays, we run Pastor's sermons w/local music cut in between sermons. I need someway to schedule local music for the 24 hours of Sunday and then go back to my local playlist Monday at 12 AM.

Can this be done????

Thanks for your help! Joe Josh Burke

Wolfgang Loch

2004-11-03 20:49:14

Re: Mini Playlist event

You can do this using scheduled playlists. One playlist Workday.alb is for Monday to Saturday and another playlist Sunday.alb is for Sundays.

You can schedule the Sunday.alb at 0:00:00 every sunday and Workday.alb at 0:00:00 every monday. The playlist files can be scheduled just like advertisements, except that the "Test" button does not work for them.


2014-04-07 15:01:20

Re: Mini Playlist event

how can get log files for mini playlist

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