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Quick fade out of Live Event

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-11-10 10:12:20

Quick fade out of Live Event

Hi Wolfgang,

is there a posibilty to exclude the fading of an outgoing Live event ?

I use Raduga's xxx.live command for my news service via satellite but need to switch it off spot on a second while my music-playback sounds best with an overlap of 3 seconds and a fading period of 6 seconds.

Cheers - Volker

Wolfgang Loch

2004-11-12 13:40:40

Re: Quick fade out of Live Event

You can set the overlap point for live events, for example 180~0.live


2004-11-12 15:21:39

Re: Quick fade out of Live Event

Why haven't I thought on that ??? :-))
Thx Wolfgang !

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