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steps to set the ID and spots

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Estuardo Valdemar

2004-11-23 20:45:30

steps to set the ID and spots

Can you send me the steps one by one to schedule the every hour ID and spots, or commercials. Thank you

Wesley Hines

2004-12-21 00:30:46

Re: steps to set the ID and spots

Hey Valdemar...here's how it goes.

1.) Click on scheduler
2.) ID to play at top of the hour, in time first played, put in 12:00am
3.) Select hour not daily
4.) Make sure Sun thru Sat are checked
5.) Click browse and get the ID
6.) Now setting up commercials open up scheduler
7.) Put time you want spots to run in time first played
8.) Make sure daily is selected
9.) Make sure you the days you want the spots to run.
10.) Browse and enter the spot
11.) Easy as pie

Need more help, email me at gloryradionetwork@earthlink.net and I'll help you further.


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