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2004-11-24 11:51:18


I ve the demo of radugga 3.6
I d like ton knwow how I can do to see titles on a site.I d like to see Before-On air now and coming up,do you have sometinge like ftp ,html playlist Ftp
thanks for your answer


2004-11-24 12:00:29


hello again
Is it possibe to broadcast on shoutcast like winamp and to see titles on shoutcast with raduga 3.6?

Wolfgang Loch

2004-11-24 21:27:41

Re: Titles

The demo version of Raduga 3.8.5 contains the FTPUpload add-in, which does exactly what you want.

You will find the add-in in the directory
C:\Program Files\WoLoSoft\Raduga\AddIns\FtpUpload

Please read the Readme.txt file for setup information.

The add-in does not work for Raduga 3.6.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-11-24 21:35:15

Re: Titles

Regarding Shoutcast. You can use Winamp with the shoutcast plug-in to pick up the sound from Raduga and transmit it to the Shoutcase server.

There is a Raduga add-in available that updates the song name whenever Raduga starts a new track. This add-in is available for registered users of Raduga 3.6 and Raduga 3.8.x.


2004-11-24 22:00:14

Re: Titles

Thanks for your answer so in the demo of 3.6 doesn t contains the FTPUpload add-in, beacause there are some few thinks in 3.8 compare to 3.6 that i don t like,so it s not possible to find this add in in 3.6?

Wolfgang Loch

2004-11-24 22:27:34

Re: Titles

Raduga 3.8.5 is better than any previous Raduga version in all respects. For example, it can run multiple add-ins at the same time, like the FtpUpload and the Shoutcast add-in.

However, if you buy version 3.8.5 I can offer you a free downgrade to an older version of your choice. These 2 add-ins are also available for registered users of Raduga 3.6. But you can only use one of them at a time.

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