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Satellite automation question

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-11-28 11:05:47

Satellite automation question

Just wondering if Raduga will ever be able to handle my satellite automation situation. We simulcast a station received via satellite on the weekend overnights, and need to insert a local ID over theirs. The problem is that they do not play it at the top of every hour. They send a tone, that our equipment detects, and trips a cart and mutes the sat input on an audio switcher. The cart's sec tone then unmutes the sat audio and resets itself for the next ID. Can Raduga really replace my current automation system for satellite, based on relays and carts? If it can, it would justify the purchase of Raduga for me. Please advise...

christian burnat

2004-11-28 12:22:15

Re: Satellite automation question


what is the nature and duration of the tone used to trigger the local cart (and mute the sat feed on the switcher)? Is this tone in the low part of the audio spectrum, and is it carried by the program channel or do you get it from an auxiliary control channel?

Finally, does your satellite circuit include a data channel in addition to the audio channel?



Charlie @ MicsLive.com

2004-11-28 17:09:35

Re: Satellite automation question

Yes, can do this. We used a DTMF decoder programme to manipulate the playout software, but I think our 2 projects overlap...

When the tone comes down from your Sat link, connect the toggle-output to the Play line on the Game Port (remote control is explained in the Raduga DOC). Ensure that you have a .STOP event + Jingle ID in the main playlist, and Raduga will play that. The next item should be a .LIVE event, which will open the line-in again.

That's the only way that springs to mind...
If you want to dabble with the .JS scripts that can control Raduga, you could use WinTone decoder to fire a .JS script that will control Raduga (play a file, a jingle button or start the main playlist).

Hope that helps.

Charlie @ MicsLive.com
UK Distributor of Raduga


2004-11-28 22:35:39

Re: Satellite automation question

Thanks for the assistance.

To answer Christian's question:

The tone used is a 2 second 25 Hz tone, which trips the relays to fire the cart, and begin the ID sequence. It is on the program channel, and filtered before the program audio ever reaches the air. There is no data channel in use.

In Charlie's post, he mentioned the stop and live events in the main playlist. Can a live event be used in the main playlist? That would be a great solution, and solve my problems.

I am not to familiar with .JS scripts and the usage of them. Would the Raduga SDK be an additional expenditure?

Thanks again for all of the help!

christian burnat

2004-12-01 22:26:38

Re: Satellite automation question

1) Yes, a live event can be scheduled in the playlist.

2) You could use the contact closure of the relay firing the cart to trigger the stop of the line event and start of a local item, worth a try... The tricky part will be to restart the live event after the local item has played, ready for next sequence.

3) SDK comes at additional cost, check with your reseller.

Let us know how you fare with this project.

christian burnat

2004-12-01 23:18:17

Re: Satellite automation question

Try this schedule:

7200.live ( 2 hours from sat)
1 sec. (modified pause 1 sec using F2]
1 sec.
1 sec.

set Raduga for repeat.
use remote control to trigger PLAY

* duration live event to be longer than period between play of jingle - I have used 2 hours.
* set silence detector for duration of jingle.
* I could not get a .stop item to follow into the jingle in playlist, hence use of pause...

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