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Default scheduled play

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Josh Burke

2004-12-13 14:41:47

Default scheduled play


I am wondering if it would be possible to schedule default play for scheduled events to none as opposed to every hour.

On several occasions I've programmed a particular show at a particular time and failed to note that the default is for the event to play every hour.

For instance, I scheduled a program to come on a 3 PM in the afternoon. Much to my dismay, I discovered the next day that the program ran continuously at the top of every hour.

Is there a way to reset the system so that default is no scheduled play whatsoever?

thanks your help is greatly appreciated.

Joe Burke

Wolfgang Loch

2004-12-13 19:31:52

Re: Default scheduled play

Your suggestion sounds reasonable.

Unless others oppose I'm going to change the default setting for new events to "Once a day" instead of "Every hour" in the next Raduga version.

Josh Burke

2004-12-13 20:03:39

Re: Default scheduled play


Joe Burke

Chuck Conrad

2004-12-14 17:43:40

Re: Default scheduled play

I think that is a very good idea. I too have messed up and had something unintended repeat itself every hour until I could get back to the station.

It was nobody's fault other than my own, but these things happen when you get in a hurry. The more idiot proof Raduga is, the better IMHO.

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