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PC ANywhere glitch

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Josh Burke

2004-12-13 14:51:50

PC ANywhere glitch

I communicate with my on air computer using PC Anywhere. We don't always do it but sometimes.

I discovered Saturday that when I phone the system, it causes it to studder. I have since changed the display from 64 to 4 colors and lowered the buffer PC ANywhere uses but I'm not sure if this corrected the problem as I have to go the site to verify.

Have you heard of this problem? Do you have a fix or really can anything be done at the Raduga end as it seems to be dictated by PC Anywhere. The odd thing is that, I never have problems directly uploading files (from portable external hard drive to the system's hard drive)while at the site. It's always the phone line thing that messes me up.
thanks for your help. Joe

Bill Spry

2004-12-13 15:39:01

Re: PC ANywhere glitch

Are you using XP?

Josh Burke

2004-12-13 20:06:36

Re: PC ANywhere glitch

HI Bill,

Si Senor. Actually, I am aware of the fact that XP Pro runs a tons of stuff in the background and I wonder if there is a way to disable the background stuff without putting the operating system in jeopardy.

Your help is appreciated. Joe :)

Robert Media

2004-12-28 17:49:04

Re: PC ANywhere glitch

Hey.. i found this problem too using timbuktu via modem.. whenever i dial in, it stutters for a millisecond or so. i guess the process resources go to the modem in answering the call, once its connected no problem.

xp pro SP2 on a P3 800 INTEL

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