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PowerGold Interface?

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-12-19 18:19:57

PowerGold Interface?

I'm considering getting Raduga, but I'm already equipped with PowerGold for scheduling. Will Raduga play a log generated in PowerGold?

Charlie @ MicsLive.com

2004-12-19 22:29:01

Re: PowerGold Interface?

You are probably in a better position to answer that yourself... If PowerGold can generate "simple" path+filename playlists, then yes.

If you can specify the format of a PowerGold playlist, then you can probably customise it for most playback systems.

Charlie @ MicsLive.com

Pete Chapman

2004-12-29 14:25:42

Re: PowerGold Interface?

Any update on this topic?


Wolfgang Loch

2005-01-26 21:54:25

Re: PowerGold Interface?

I have checked with the people from PowerGold and they told me that it can create playlists that can be used with Raduga. The playlist would be for a whole day and the generated file name would be DDMMYYYYY.ALB or DDMMYYYYY.M3U.


2005-04-02 13:40:09

Re: PowerGold Interface?

Hi everyone we use powergold with raduga
however there is some limitations with powergold itself with long file names but I can say that powergold works great with raduga as we use it to create 6 hour logs for our mid-dawns.

so yes get raduga you'll love it


2005-04-03 20:33:38


Hi to all
When the alb play list is in the last songs of list(end song).....
When i have programming two jingles the fist like "Run" incoming event,the second like waiting event......
The first (jingle) play, but the second no
Thechnical team

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