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Airlist and Raduga 3.1

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-12-24 01:18:15

Airlist and Raduga 3.1

Hi, Is Airlist Compatible with Raduga 3.1

Bill Spry

2004-12-24 12:58:50

Re: Airlist and Raduga 3.1



2005-01-14 14:51:54

Re: Airlist and Raduga 3.1

Whats the difference between airlist and creator pro from www.stationplaylist.com ? I see no difference... only the price !


2005-01-14 22:51:28

Re: Airlist and Raduga 3.1

Hi! Maybe the other difference between AirList and Stationplaylist Creator is the name :) :) :)

Wolfgang Loch

2005-01-14 23:26:11

Re: Airlist and Raduga 3.1

AirList is re-branded version of Stationplaylist which is optimized for working with Raduga.

The main advantage of buying Raduga and AirList is that you will have one support contact for both products.


2005-01-18 13:24:44

Re: Airlist and Raduga 3.1

Yah okay. I've creator pro fot free because i translated it to dutch. Nice 2 kno it works with raduga...


2005-01-19 17:00:31

Re: Airlist and Raduga 3.1

What would be nice is that airlist (or something similar)is part of Raduga as one package. there are other products out there that is just as easy to use as Raduga, cheaper, and more functional in its use. ie provides the capabilites of music scheduling the airlist/creator provides. who agrees?


2005-01-19 17:51:59

Re: Airlist and Raduga 3.1

That's my opinion too. Stationplaylist is using winamp 2 or 5 and above. Raduga 'better interface' is using WindowsMediaplayer (don't trust it!). Both automatisations are using another program to play his songs. The difference is not only the price, Stationplaylist is playing mp3's (thanks to winamp) that don't play in Raduga without reconversion or using another encoder. For 255 euro's you have it all (incl. scheduler, vocetracking, line-in...
Why is Raduga so much expensiver than the other softwareproduct ?
I want to mention that i like more the clean interface of Raduga but when i want something automated... i don't look only to the interface.

Wolfgang Loch

2005-01-19 20:38:18

Re: Airlist and Raduga 3.1

Guys, if you have product that you like better than Raduga, then please spam the forum of this other software, but do not use the Raduga forum.

I agree that it's a good idea to offer Raduga and AirList as one package. Therefore Spry Group currently offers it as one package for a special price. See

The special offer is only valid until February 5, 2005. I suppose that after this date they will continue offering both products as a bundle, but for a higher price.

Robert Media

2005-01-19 20:50:48

Re: Airlist and Raduga 3.1

With Respect To You Wolf , we , as the users of Raduga (hence your customers) are only stating what we feel is just. Note that we are still using Raduga, but as time move forward your competitors are offering products which could superseed yours, we do not wish for this to happen and thus are only offering our concerns (and suggestions) thru this forum which you provide.

as a bundle i meant that airlist (or similar) could be incorporated into raduga and not a seperate program


2005-02-20 11:27:31

Re: Airlist and Raduga 3.1

Hi, i'm using creator with winamp and there is an option in the pro-version to generate playlists especially for Raduga. Nice to know.

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