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More about Autiomated Playlist

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Robert Media

2004-12-29 21:57:13

More about Autiomated Playlist

I have Been using Raduga (3.1) now for a number of years and have different events scheduled for different time of the days reflecting different type of music. ie

8:59:56 am - Pop 1980 -1989
9:29:56 am - Old School Classics
10:45:00 am - 90's Classics
11:59:56 am - Pop 1980 -1989

etc etc all running in shuffle mode. and scheduled for 5 days a week

i also have adverts running on the hour (ie 9pm, 10pm etc) and also on the half hour break (ie 9:30pm, 10:30pm.

these event has remained like this and i only change the format say every 4 months or so

This has work fine, but the only problem is artist and /or music repeat. for example in Pop 1980 -1989 after reshuffle. Micheal Jackson - "thriller" may be repeated again.

I realize that the only way to stop this is to (maybe)use a program like airlist. However i do not wish to to generate a playlist every hour, day, or week. and having to schedule it manually and thus wish for this process to be automated ie can Airlist automatically regenerate a playlist that been initially created once by my self? on a daily (or even hourly) basis and load it? (Sort of like a shuffle??)

Has anyone got such experience with Airlist (or stationplaylist) that can advise me before i spend my hard earned cash??



2004-12-29 23:26:01

Re: More about Autiomated Playlist

Hi Robert,

the answer is "yes", Airlist/StationPlaylist Creator comes with an Scheduler - he's capable de generate automatically playlists after your givin conditions. Yu may also try the Autoplaylist Add-on for Raduga which imports 1 hour playlists from Airlist/SPL Creator wihout your intervention.

Regards - Volker

Robert Media

2004-12-30 00:13:01

Re: More about Autiomated Playlist

Hmmm great Volker, Thanks for that Information. I guess i will go get Airlist/station playlist, however is the Autoplaylist add-on compatible with my faithful Version 3.1 of Raduga which i am using..??



2004-12-30 00:56:53

Re: More about Autiomated Playlist

This time it's "no", Raduga 3.1 doesn't support java or vb-script but I consider upgrading to 3.8 is the best think to do anyway - rock stable, new functions and a better shuffle mode to mention a few changes.

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