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SayTime - Time announcements

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Wolfgang Loch

2004-12-30 16:40:21

SayTime - Time announcements

The new SayTime script can be used to announce the current time in Raduga. It can use natural voice or computer-generated voice (on Windows XP). It can be used as scheduled event or as a playlist item. The SayTime script is a free add-on for Raduga 3.6 and 3.8.

Download this file
and read the instructions in the Readme.txt file.

Have fun and all the best for the new year!


2004-12-30 17:55:38

Re: SayTime - Time announcements

great add-on,
thx Wolfgang and all the best for 2005 :-))


2004-12-31 05:40:40

Re: SayTime - Time announcements

Do you have a version to Win 98 second edition?
If not, please, do you do a version to o.s?
Excuse-me, I dont know speak english right.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-12-31 08:20:46

Re: SayTime - Time announcements

To use the computer-generated voice on Windows 98/ME/2000, you must install the Speech SDK. It's available from Microsoft, but it's quite a huge download:

If you don't have Windows XP or the Speech SDK, you can still use the script with natural voice announcements.

I'm willing to issue a free Raduga Universal Radio license or alternatively free updates for 2 years in exchange for a complete set of natural voice time announcements for 24 hours in one language.

Mark Snow

2005-01-23 02:37:26

Re: SayTime - Time announcements

Wolfgang: Are you still looking for a set of natural voice time announcements ? I have a set ... Mark

Wolfgang Loch

2005-01-23 21:47:20

Re: SayTime - Time announcements

The first set time announcements spoken in southern british accent is now available for sale!

The add-in zip file contains now some voice samples:

Please contact sales@wolosoft.com to order the complete set of 1440 files. The introduction price of 69,00 Euro (+ 16% VAT for EU citicens) is valid until February 28, 2005.

I'm still interested in voice sets spoken in different languages. Please contact me directly by e-mail: wolo@wolosoft.com.

Wolfgang Loch

2005-02-21 13:46:17

Re: SayTime - Time announcements

The price for the time announcements files will be EUR 89,00 after February 28, 2005.

Ken Westerman

2005-02-21 23:51:40

Re: SayTime - Time announcements

Thanks For all trouble have looked up pins in a electronic suppliers catalogue thanks for info
... Ken Westerman at Three Rivers FM Dunedoo

Ken Westerman

2005-03-08 14:08:16

Re: SayTime - Time announcements


Are you still looking for the 1440 files with times on them.. I have just completed a set..
... Ken Westerman

Wolfgang Loch

2005-03-09 23:18:00

Re: SayTime - Time announcements

Ken, could you please contact me at my personal e-mail (wolo@wolosoft.com).

Now I don't need further English time announcements, but I would welcome time announcements in other languages.


2005-04-02 13:35:39

Re: SayTime - Time announcements

The english language has many different accents i'm in australia and I wouldn't want a southern british accent telling the time.

But once you get an australian set then i'll buy it

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