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Shoutcast add-in

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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mike the great

2005-01-21 09:53:46

Shoutcast add-in

I have get the shoutcast add-in and read the txt file to configure. But I have a few difficults. Could some one help me?

1 - I have windows xp pro, raduga 3.8.1, winamp 5.03c,SHOUTcast v1.9.4/win32. This combination works fine.

2 - Have configure Raduga like the .txt (shoutcast.js) but a few doubts: what is my server name? (my radio name are wzmedia, but i have a fixed IP - wich one?) wich password i have to insert, there are two - changme e adminpass.

3 - Then i double click on the file "install.js" uncheck the auto on title under the "Enable title updates" and restart everything.

No titles. What could be wrong?

Wolfgang Loch

2005-01-21 19:31:21

Re: Shoutcast add-in

Server - is the DNS name of the computer where the Shourcast server runs (SHOUTcast v1.9.4)
Port - is the port number used by the Shoutcast server. You find this numer in the PortBase parameter of the sc_serv.ini file of the Shoutcast server. The default is PortBase=8000.
Password - This is the Password value from the sc_serv.ini file. The default is Password=changeme.

mike the great

2005-01-21 20:13:37

Re: Shoutcast add-in


The server is my computer name. I make the change and now it works.

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