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Two files in same time ?

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2005-02-12 09:09:50

Two files in same time ?


I want to know if it's possible to play two files in the same time. Indeed, I want to play a bed on the news.


Charlie @ MicsLive.com

2005-02-12 11:44:53

Re: Two files in same time ?

If you are playing the News using the Line In (ie: Raduga is "playing" during the News, then you'll need to fire your bed using a Jingle Button (1-9 keys). If you schedule the bed 1sec before the line-in event, you should be OK.

Charlie @ MicsLive.com


2005-02-12 12:43:32

Re: Two files in same time ?

Hmm not exactly I think. I want that news play in the main playlist, or in events with an other file wich is the bed. And I don't want to do something to connect with the continuation of the music.

Charlie @ MicsLive.com

2005-02-12 17:32:23

Re: Two files in same time ?

Yes, but you can "schedule" a 1-9 Button in the Event Scheduler.

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