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remove from playlist after played

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2002-01-09 22:24:47

remove from playlist after played

Hi there,

I think raduga will more good if you give option to remove files from playlist automatically after the song played.
are you thinking of it..???

Wolfgang Loch

2002-01-10 14:58:33

Re: remove from playlist after played

It may be a good idea. But I would like to know what do other people think?

Kirill O.Mantulnikov

2002-01-24 03:13:38

Re: remove from playlist after played

good idea.
also, I think, good idea is to make possible use command like 'goto' in playlist.


2002-01-28 15:15:40

Re: remove from playlist after played

Why would one like it to be removed?
On the other hand it would be very good to have lot's of hidden functions that could be used by users who think they need this.
So I suggest to add more funtions to the option menu :

- remove songs played
- show VU
- show tip of the day
- show MP3 ID tag
- show DirectX properties while playing
- write protect mode
- huh want new skin?
- use jukebox mode (ha, this one needs some more explanation) make Raduga a Jukebox for a bar or disco so that users can only use Raduga to select ONE song after inserting a secret key that only works for ten minutes (ofcource they have to pay a small amount for this key to play there favourite music).

Wolfgang Loch

2002-01-29 01:50:26

Re: remove from playlist after played

Most of these things can be programmed using the Raduga SDK by users who need these features, except for the DirectX properties.

The jukebox mode would be really interresting, if they pay a small amount to me :)


2002-02-01 16:48:24

Re: remove from playlist after played

Can other users use these add-on's? I mean where are the links to guys that already made these?
Is there an example of someone?


2002-02-26 14:02:22

Re: remove from playlist after played

YES I like that. Otherwise when you are scrolling in a playlist, you will not find the original place back of the cursor (next song to play) in a playlist for maybe 8 hours or more.
The playing song maybe in an other collor than the rest of the playlist ?
I downloaded the new version, but i have no possibility to put an plugin.


2002-02-28 14:22:25

Re: remove from playlist after played

You mean a DirectX plug-in? Should be in the options menu.


2002-06-27 08:29:25

Re: remove from playlist after played

That would be great not remove but flag them so that they won't be played again for a set amount of time.


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