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Rotation Files

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2005-02-16 03:01:09

Rotation Files

Here's a question regarding Rotation files...can .alb files be used in a rotation, so that they rotate to different .alb each time the Rotation file is called upon.

mark lee

2005-02-19 17:56:08

Re: Rotation Files

Not sure about .alb files, but if you put all the spots in a folder you can use .dir and that will select a file from that folder randomly each time it comes up in the schedule, this is great for station id's for example.



2005-02-20 11:24:24

Re: Rotation Files

Using airlist or creator scheduler makes it very easy. Don't spend a lot of time with manual format. Buy such tool and you are in the seventh broadcast heaven...your wife will be pleased with the extra time for her...

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