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2 hour Play list/Voicetracking

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Joe Josh B.

2005-02-25 15:33:54

2 hour Play list/Voicetracking


We are going to start doing voice tracking for our station Monday- Friday for two hours a day. 7 AM - 9PM.

What is the best way to set up this playlist with songs/voice/ads etc.? Should Iset up a mini-playlist?

ALSO I need to set up the list without Raduga thinking it is the current list to play. Everytime I attempt to set up a miniplaylist I wind up playing a couple of the tracks on the new playlist before it's all set up. I need to do this independent of what's currently on the air.

In advance of your reply, Thanks for all your great help ... ! I always am very pleased by the response I get on this board! Joe

Chuck Conrad

2005-02-26 00:02:11

Re: 2 hour Play list/Voicetracking

To keep from firing off your new playlist while you are working on it, minimize Raduga, and open a new instance. Organize your new playlist on the second instance of Raduga and save it when you are done. As long as you have the "autoplay" feature turned off, you can work on it without disturbing what is on the air. Of course, if you hit the "play" button, it will run on the air.

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