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Some .MP3 files do not air?

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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David Goddette

2005-02-28 00:35:32

Some .MP3 files do not air?

O.K.... This is the first time in a number of years of having Raduga without this problem, however it just poped up the other day. I have loaded several new .MP3 files into Raduga. All the files load and run, however some of the MP3 files do not have sound. Meaning Raduga looks like it is running the .MP3 however there is no sound. Once it finishes with that song it proceeds to the next and that file runs fine. Is anybody else having this problem? My Raduga addition is 5.5?


2005-02-28 01:22:40

Re: Some .MP3 files do not air?


This may be a simple and silly question but are you sure there is audio in the MP3 files?

I only ask as one of our guys ripped some files from a CD and converted them to MP3. We got the same problem .. only to find they ripped with errors and when converted to MP3 were 3 minutes+ of silence.

Just something that caused that problem for us.


David Goddette

2005-02-28 01:31:50

Re: Some .MP3 files do not air?

The files are .MP3 however "the ripped with errors" does makes sense... Unfortunately, we download our music legally from a 3rd party server, therefore there really is no way to re-rip the file. However, I did find a fix.. What I did was to open the "errored .MP3" in Adobe Audition, then resaved it as an .MP3. Some how the Adobe Audition .MP3 processor fixes the error. Since our computer is jacked with processors, it only took about 15 seconds. After that, the .MP3 ran fine in Raduga. Thanks for the help....

Johnson, Vermont

Randy Anderson

2005-02-28 02:53:46

Re: Some .MP3 files do not air?

So, some of the information in the MP3 file was wrong.

That wasn't cool. Glad you got that file fixed.

If I couldn't hear any music, I probably would first check the volume control on the mixer. LOL.


2005-02-28 08:34:46

Re: Some .MP3 files do not air?


My thought is that Adobe Audtion rewrote the errored header of the file. Glad you got it sorted out.

Randy, we checked the fader on the mixer too as it gets to a point where you figure the sound has to be somewhere!!


David Goddette

2005-02-28 11:56:16

Re: Some .MP3 files do not air?

Thanks everyone for your input... Problem solved.

Pete Chapman

2005-02-28 16:31:20

Re: Some .MP3 files do not air?

Look at that Raduga Team work %0 from me, (I had no idea)

Ha Ha



2005-02-28 17:00:22

Re: Some .MP3 files do not air?

the problem is the codec for mp3 , that not play some tracks with special caracteristic. I change the codec for directsound and plays all all all the songs, like the winamp or other soft.

Stephan Verrips

2005-03-01 01:01:47

Re: Some .MP3 files do not air?

Here the same problem. I have 2 mp3 files. In Windows Media Player, there is music. But in Raduga.... there is no sound with only this 2 files.

Wolfgang Loch

2005-03-01 07:57:51

Re: Some .MP3 files do not air?

Please read also the FAQ article: How should I encode MP3 files for best results?

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