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VBR Mp3s Fails with Raduga?

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2002-01-10 15:02:47

VBR Mp3s Fails with Raduga?

Hi Wolfgang,
a little question: I've tried to set the Overlap Point in a VariableBitRate Mp3 file (realesed with EAC and LAME DLL), but if I move (with a bar) the track position near the end to speed up the operation, Raduga display an incorrect time duration (the song continuos play over the "0" timer)? Why? If I normally play the same track, all work fine. Are The VBR Mp3s incompatible with Raduga?

Bye and thanks! :)



2002-01-13 17:59:48

Re: VBR Mp3s Fails with Raduga?


Are you talking about Raduga 3.1 or 3.5 in which you are having the variable bit rate (VBR) problems?

There WERE problems with VBR in 3.1. These were referred to in earlier posts and, as I recall, it was suggested NOT to record in VBR. I have had problems with VBR in 3.1 and don't record or rip in that mode. I use ONLY constant bit rates and everything works fine. As far as I know, that is the solution to that problem. I have no idea if the variable bit rate problems carried over to Raduga 3.5.

Good luck.


2002-01-14 01:58:01

Re: VBR Mp3s Fails with Raduga?


I use version 3.5 of Raduga. :(


Wolfgang Loch

2002-01-14 11:13:31

Re: VBR Mp3s Fails with Raduga?

Determining the duration of a VBR file seams to be a difficult thing. Raduga 3.5 does it better than version 3.1, but maybe it's still not perfect.
If you want to avoid trouble, I strongly recommend you to encode all MP3 file with the same encoder program using the same settings (and not VBR).

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