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Autochange of Playlist

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2005-03-07 16:57:30

Autochange of Playlist

if i have 20050301 even in c:\20050301, but i want auto change to 20050302 even in c:\20050302 .
(because evryday we prerecord our porgame.)
how to do it ? thanks!!

Wolfgang Loch

2005-03-07 19:59:25

Re: Autochange of Playlist

The raduga scheduler can replace the playlist at a schedulded time. All you have to do is specify the date and time and the name of the playlist file (.alb). In this case the playlist must have a fixed name.

If your playlists have different names every day, you must use a script to read the right playlist for that day. For example, the AutoPlaylist script uses the playlists file name format MMMDDHH.alb (e.g. Mar0621.alb). See

If you want me to write a script for your specific format, please tell me exactly how the playlist file names looks like and send your Raduga license data to wolo@wolosoft.com.

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