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Raduga-friendly news service

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Simon Marks

2005-03-19 05:20:16

Raduga-friendly news service


If anyone is looking for a Raduga-friendly top-of-the-hour news service, please feel free to visit www.lpfmnews.net

We're offering an .mp3-delivered news service that can be used in conjunction with automation, and further to requests from one Raduga-equipped station are now building in 2 seconds of pad at the end of each bulletin to permit crossfades.

Simon Marks
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Stephen F. Goffreda

2005-05-27 22:59:30

Re: Raduga-friendly news service

We're using this service at our radio station, and it is very good. The mp3 delivery system (downloading from specified links) is a great approach for LPFMs on a tight budget. The newcasts are clear, concise, and informative. It's easy to program the newscasts into Raduga.

Chuck Conrad

2005-05-31 15:18:00

Re: Raduga-friendly news service

The news service does work well. We are using it too. I have discovered an automatic download program called ReGet Deluxe which will, on schedule, download the file and replace an existing file with the latest version. Presto! Automatic news updates!

I have it running in the background on another computer on our network. When it's time for news, Raduga just plays the file from that network computer.

While you can let Raduga go to the FSN web site and play the news from the Internet, downloading it in advance protects you from any unanticipated Internet outages. This way, the worst thing that can happen is you play an older newscast. Nobody will ever know.

Pretty slick IMHO. ReGet Deluxe is shareware, and costs $30.00 US. Sorry, I don't have the web address at the moment, but a quick Google search will find it.

Charlie @ MicsLive.com

2005-06-01 21:55:04

Re: Raduga-friendly news service

Remember you can also insert normal http:// and ftp:// locations in your Raduga ALB and MPL files... That's if you want to play them "live" rather than use an auto-downloader.

Using this method, you can also re-broadcast internet streams.

Charlie @ MicsLive.com

Jon Chauvie

2005-06-07 04:47:29

Re: Raduga-friendly news service

That's nice if you want WORLD news, I want US news

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