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Need hot key audio sourcing only

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Marc Steenbarger

2005-03-27 19:32:23

Need hot key audio sourcing only

I am a former radio group owner who is starting an internet talk show. I've been playing with your demo (oh my!) and having fun with it. But I really only want the ability to assign hot keys to audio files so I can have my promos, audio clips, etc at my fingertips. Naturally, I don't need an entire automation program to do this. Do you know of any software that does this utilizing .wav and mp3 files
for talk radio drops? Thanks

Marc Steenbarger

Charlie @ MicsLive.com

2005-03-27 20:11:11

Re: Need hot key audio sourcing only

Take a look at this page, and scroll down until you get to the bit that says "free" :-


Charlie @ MicsLive.com
UK Distributor of Raduga

Marc Steenbarger

2005-03-27 22:27:56

Re: Need hot key audio sourcing only


That's spot on!!! I'm putting together the hardware for my studio this week, and this piece of software will tie in nicely. Thank you.

Marc (Florida USA)

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