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Need a plugin for sound routing

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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chadi fakhry

2005-04-04 12:58:12

Need a plugin for sound routing

Dear Sirs,
I am using a Maya 1010 SoundCard and I need to route the raduga's audio output to outputs 9 and 10. because the other outputs are used by other apps. besides, outputs 9&10 are digital S/P Dif.
Raduga is using only the default outputs (1&2). I am wondering if I can find a Plugin that allow me to chose to which output I want to send Raduga.
I am using PCDJ for my live programs, this software is brilliant and I can rout any of the players to any output I want of my Soundard.


Wolfgang Loch

2005-04-04 18:30:00

Re: Need a plugin for sound routing

Go to Tools|Options|DirectX plug-ins. On the bottom of this page there is a select box for the output device. If your sound card has multiple output channels, they should appear as distinct devices in the selection.

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