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Raduga 3.8 problem shedule/alb-files

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2005-04-12 12:23:04

Raduga 3.8 problem shedule/alb-files

i have problem with my new Raduga 3.8
I have shedule 3 times avery day. And i start up a
albumfile vith 3 times avwery day. The problem is
Raduga start the first time on the new day with
yesterdays album file. But with time 2 it´s ok.
I am running Windows 200 and 128 mb memory.
What is my problem?


Ian Gibson

2005-06-10 13:06:03

Re: Raduga 3.8 problem shedule/alb-files

Whenever you exit the program, it saves the settings that were last there (ie the last alb file you have).

I guess you are only restarting the program itself once a day - and it returns the last alb file used.

I have got round this with a dummy alb file that I load last thing of the day. (2 x 20sec silent wav files) - I love my silences! ;) This will allow you to start the day 15 secs early and then run first playlist 'immediately' when you want it all to kick off the following day.

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