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Partial Automation Via Games Portrt

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Ken Westerman

2005-04-12 23:36:53

Partial Automation Via Games Portrt

I have just finished making a circuit which uses the microphone switch to put the break on and the Start when mike is closed. I used 555 timer in monostable one shot mode and opto couplers.Project when I got stuck into it seemed simple. Has anyone else tried this... Ken Westerman janwes@bigpond.com.au

Ken Westerman

2005-04-13 22:41:58

Re: Partial Automation Via Games Portrt

Tried my break start black box last night with two shows one a middle aged woman she has no problem with anything, and with a 71 yr man he has trouble with keyboard and extreme trouble with mouse. With only one switch to do open and close mike and simutainously do break and start with the one action they both seemed pleased with the simplicity. The other side our jazz resenter although evewything he plays is on hard disk he still brings in 33 1/3 rds and CD's to read descriptions off so extra space is good for him.

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