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Searching Raduga Log

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Lisa Peterson

2005-04-22 20:35:01

Searching Raduga Log

Is there any software out there or is it even possible to do a search using the Raduga log text file to look for specific "spots" or "songs"?


For 2 weeks Raduga aired a commercial titled, "Supermarket store". It aired at various times throughout the day for that two week period. Now I want to let the client know how many times it aired and on what dates and times. I would like to open a program that I can tell it to search logs for the dates of 2-1-05 through 2-14-05 and list for me all the dates and times the spot titled "Supermarket store" aired. Then it searches those log text files and comes up with a list that can be copied or printed that shows all this.

OK..so come on guys...please tell me someone has written this jewel of a software? ;)

This would help me tremendously!



Martin Toward

2005-04-24 21:02:00

Re: Searching Raduga Log

Hi Lisa.

As the log file is a text file you could always import it into a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel and then search using the Find function.

Hope this helps?


Lisa Peterson

2005-04-25 01:17:46

Re: Searching Raduga Log

Martin -

That doesn't really help me unless there is a way to import 2 weeks, a month, or perhaps even up to three months worth of logs into Excel at once and have it sort through all of them and only display the specific ones titled " Supermarket store". Right now, I can do the same function with Notepad by using the search function but it gets to be a really time consuming task when you have to manually do up to 90 days worth of logs. It would be nice to have a program that can search all these text files and then spit out the results on one log with all the dates and times. I am sure this isnt too hard of a program to write up. If only I knew how to write my own programs. :) If anyone has any more suggestions or know of something out there that can do this more or less please respond and let me know. I appreciate any help I can get with this. Thanks!


Wolfgang Loch

2005-04-25 22:30:46

Re: Searching Raduga Log

The Raduga Counter software by Studio MIXX (http://www.studiomixx.com/ENG/eng_index.html) is supposed to do these sorts of statiscs.

Lisa Peterson

2005-04-26 01:05:23

Re: Searching Raduga Log

Wolfgang -

Thanks for the response. I looked at the Output text file - example located here: http://www.studiomixx.com/ENG/rcount/test.txt and it appears as though this program will only tell me how many times a spot or song was played but not give the details such as the dates and times the song or spot actually did run in Raduga. For example if I entered the spot "Supermarket store" as referenced in my above posts, and I had that spot scheduled to air 5 times throughout the day that day, the progam would spit out this report:

5 .....Supermarket store - commercial~2

What I would really like is something that would show multiple dates all in one report and also show the times and the dates the spot ran.

Any thoughts on this Wolfgang? Do you think this type of program can be written and made available for sale?

Thank you for your help and time.


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