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Raduga with Shoutcast = long delay

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Bo Oskarsson

2005-04-28 13:32:33

Raduga with Shoutcast = long delay

We've about 15 seconds delay when using Shoutcast. We can't ask people to call us and go "live" due to this delay.

We can't tell what time it is. Sometimes the delay is up to 20 seconds.

Anyone knows if there is any software that is faster to stream the audio?

Do you other broadcasters have these delays?

I also wonder if you have to convert to mp3 when streaming? We stream from our studio to another computer about 7 kilometers away (via radio-LAN) for broadcasting.

Sorry about my bad english. I hope you all understand.


2005-04-28 13:53:32

Re: Raduga with Shoutcast = long delay

Everyone has delays while streaming - actually 15 seconds is not bad at all, I got sometimes over 30 seconds, doesn't matter if Shoutcast or WMA but going over a streaming provider of course.

Try AudioTX Communicator (www.audiotx.com) and MPEG via Network, the delay is approx. 5 seconds but you'll need a good internet connection with minimum 256 Kb/s upstream to get a proper signal.

Regards, Volker

Charlie @ MicsLive.com

2005-04-28 17:42:00

Re: Raduga with Shoutcast = long delay

Your "callers" should listen down the phone! Not online... It's the most obvious radio rule, even FM stations run a delay during talk-shows (for obvious reasons)... Simply get them to either stop listening online or just turn down their PC. You provide the cleanfeed from your mixer down the phone and job done.

Charlie @ MicsLive.com


2005-04-28 20:04:03

Re: Raduga with Shoutcast = long delay

Hello! If you want minimum delay, try Icecast Server, than Shoutcast. The site is:
The delay is upto 5 seconds.

Bo Oskarsson

2005-04-28 20:10:04

Re: Raduga with Shoutcast = long delay

What makes this delay anyway? Is it when the sound is encoded to mp3?

I can't really get it why it has to be delayed. Especially when using a powerful computer.

I'll try Icecast. Thank you!

Wolfgang Loch

2005-04-28 22:31:25

Re: Raduga with Shoutcast = long delay

I think the primary reasn for the delay is that the player buffers some seconds of audio in memory just in case the network connections slows down. This allows listeners to hear clean audio even if the network is completely down for a few seconds. If the player would use a smaller buffer, listers would experience delays more often if the network is not rock stable, even with a high avarage bandwith (such as DSL).
In a stable LAN environment players could probably use very small buffers (less than 1 second).


2005-05-12 15:00:00

Re: Raduga with Shoutcast = long delay

Hello Wolfgang! Yes, you're right, if the network is unstable better is using of Shoutcast server, because if the network is unstable the listeners will hear the sound, as someone is holded the button "Forward" in Winamp pushed. :) :) :).
Have a nice day,

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