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2 annoying problems

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Dave Gormas

2005-05-07 22:48:31

2 annoying problems

ok, first things first.... running Raduga 3.8.7 off a XP 2100 pc with 512mb ram and an M-audio sound card and break out box.

1st problem: there are a few files that work perfectly fine but when raduga trys tyo play them back over the air..there is no sound..the raduga is counting down as normal , just no playback...if i skip forward 5 seconds, the file will work and finish but happens again the next time it comes up on the playlist...HELP

2nd problem: occassionally i get an error saying, "cannot supply specified class" ...what the #@$^ ??

please help , these dead air blanks are killing me

Stephan Kent

2005-05-11 09:09:11

Re: 2 annoying problems

We got caught with this baby after converting 50% of our playlist files. The problem is with the encoding of the mp3, if you do it too high there seems to be an issue. so we were told to rip them at 192 and everythign works fine. If you do it any higher you will suffer the problem you have. Hope it helps

Wolfgang Loch

2005-05-11 21:24:13

Re: 2 annoying problems

Please read also the FAQ article about MP3 encoding

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