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Music Folder Refresh Capabilities?

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Mike Afflerbach

2005-05-12 19:38:32

Music Folder Refresh Capabilities?

I am wondering why I am unable to refresh (either manually with a F5 or under the View Menu) my data in the Directory which is specified as my Music Folder under Options. The only way to get an updated list of files, playlists, new music subfolders is to go to Options, change the folder to some other folder, then change it back. This is a not-so-great way to deal with this. Can you either include a fix for Raduga 3.8.8 or greater or let me in on a fix?


Wolfgang Loch

2005-05-12 19:50:07

Re: Music Folder Refresh Capabilities?

You can refresh the content of a sub folder by closing and then opening the folder using the -/+ button. If you need to update the main folder frequently, you can specify the parent folder as music directory in the optionas and then close/open the real music folder to update the data.

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