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Drag-and-Drop from Left Window

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Stephen F. Goffreda

2005-05-27 22:53:35

Drag-and-Drop from Left Window

Is there any problem in Raduga 3.8.7 with the drag-and-drop function from the left bottom window? Since upgrading to 3.8.7, I find that often when I highlight several files in the left bottom window to drag on to the Master Playlist, the selection of files is not reliable. In other words, I may highlight two files to drag over, but I may get a set of files that I never highlighted. This didn't start until 3.8.7. I am using Windows XP SP2. Everything else seems to work great.

Wolfgang Loch

2005-05-28 20:43:30

Re: Drag-and-Drop from Left Window

Hi Stephen,

I'm not aware of any problems with the integrated Explorer tree. However, if you can tell tell me how to reproduce this behaviour, I will take a closer look at the issue. Please use the bug report form.

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