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Overlap Issues between playlist and miniplaylist items

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Mike Afflerbach

2005-06-09 18:34:39

Overlap Issues between playlist and miniplaylist items

Trying to figure out a way to solve some overlap issues. In my format, a good compromise for the items in the playlist is a 2 second overlap with no fading (the songs are pre faded in and out). The problem occurs when I go to a commercial break. These are scheduled as miniplaylists in the timed events. The overlap for miniplaylists is 0, but my miniplaylist typically goes LINER, COMMERCIAL, COMMERCIAL, COMMERCIAL, LINER, back to the playlist. Everything works fine EXCEPT for the break from the playlist to the miniplaylist (that is, from the last song to the first LINER). It seems that short of adding a 2 second silence to my liners (and making a second set which have no silence gap for the "return" liners) there is no way for the sequence to be SONG (2 second overlap), SONG (ends cold), LINER (ends cold) COMMERCIAL (ends cold), COMMERCIAL (ends cold), COMMERCIAL (ends cold), LINER (ends cold), SONG (2 seconds overlap), SONG, etc...

Please let me know if I am evaluating this correctly and if there is any fix (like maybe another category for "Overlap between Playlist and Mini-Playlist = X").

Thanks in advance

Ian Gibson

2005-06-10 12:53:47

Re: Overlap Issues between playlist and miniplaylist items

The quickest workround I can see is to add a 2sec blank wav file as the first item in the MPL. But it doesnt seem perfect.

Ian Gibson

2005-06-10 12:57:00

Re: Overlap Issues between playlist and miniplaylist items

Was going to add...

I have a similar problem.. I am hitting a news in @ XX:59:50 and the news @ XX:00:00 both as immediates... but it is causing the news in to fade out (even with a ~0 on the end).

Any thoughts anyone?

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