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Three Suggestions

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Ken Westerman

2005-06-14 10:44:04

Three Suggestions


I have three suggestions.

1. The time to be able to be seen on screen as so many minutes past the hour and after half past so many minutes to the hour.

2. Whence checking a playlist to see it is there as we sometime have the names on files altered as
they were incorrect.. that when you hit the L the checking commences at the point it sitting at not back to the beginning as it is now.

3. There be a way of entering the file folders like we do for song names instead of now it takes for ever to just do a few on a new playlist.

I mean to be and Hope I am constructive rather than the opposite.

Raduga is running here 24/7 I recommend it to anyone.

By the way I have had trouble on the other radio service (Amateur) the program Echo Link would not work when I got ADSL ports 5198 & 5199 wereblocked on the siemens modem no one could help even the telstra experts however I have worked it through and after two months it works now... Are there any hms out there the call is VK2AGW

... Thanks Ken Westerman Three Rivers Dunedoo

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