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.m4a file extension

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Peter Hines

2005-06-18 13:37:47

.m4a file extension

Hi Wolfgang,
Does the current version of Raduga support mpeg audio 4 compressed files with the extension .m4a


Wolfgang Loch

2005-06-19 20:33:56

Re: .m4a file extension

I've never heared about this extension. However, if you can get Windows Media Player to play these files (by installing some DirectShow source filter aka codec), chances are good that Raduga can use these filters as well. See also

Please do not install such codec packs on the production machine without testing them first on another PC using the Raduga demo version. That's because often thse codec packs tend to do more harm that good to the DirectX installation.

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