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Where in the World is Bill Spry?

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Kenneth Bass

2005-06-23 21:36:40

Where in the World is Bill Spry?

I have been trying to contact Bill Spry about reactivating Raduga at a commercial radio statio 100kw FM, that has been running Raduga more than a year. Their computer died and I have installed it again on the new one but need to buy a dongle or at least get a new unlock code. They are now trying to operate out of a jukebox program.

I have called and left phone messages ... todays has only the lawn and garden service and does not mention "Spry Media Group" any longer, and have e-mailed him through the web site.


If anyone knows how I can get in touch with him please post or e-mail me direct at swtrails@earthlink.net.

Bill Spry

2005-06-24 01:34:26

Re: Where in the World is Bill Spry?


Have you checked your email lately. I sent you an email on Monday. Our office number changed about 6 months ago at 513-887-0590.

-Bill Spry

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