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Mouse Interference With Raduga

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2002-01-27 12:32:18

Mouse Interference With Raduga

Hi all:
I have a question regarding a problem I have recently run into using Raduga 3.1 and, for that, mattter also Raduga 3.0. Yes, I know, 3.5 is now out but some of us are still using 3.1.
The problem is this: While Raduga is playing, if the mouse pointer is moved around the minimize, restore and close buttons in the upper right hand corner of the Raduga screen, the sound cuts out for for very short intervals, e.g. .25 seconds, or so. If either the the minimize or restore button is clicked, the audio drop out can last for as long as .5 seconds. If Raduga is minimized(running in the background), and some other software screen is brought up, moving the mouse pointer around that screen's minimize, restore or close buttons can also cause the same results(dropouts). I have removed and reinstalled Raduga to no avail. None of this happens when using Win Amp or any other players, just Raduga. This is frustrating to say the least. Has anyone else run into this and if so, what is the cure? Any help would be appreciated, as I am out of ideas. By the way, I am using Raduga 3.1(same happens with Raduga3.0), Windows 98SE and am using an Intel Pentium III, 500 mHz, 256 Mhz of RAM.

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